Property Management Services - Goldsboro NC

There are many reasons to choose Golden Key Rentals to manage your rental property in the Goldsboro NC area. Here are a few of them.

1. - Our Website Gets Lots and Lots of Visitors

It shouldn't be surprising to hear that most people who are looking for a house or apartment to rent do most of their searching on the internet. They can search the internet from the comfort of home, wherever they currently are, even if they're on the other side of the world. Because our website ranks at or near the top of the search results on all of the major search engines for all of the commonly used search strings related to rental property in the Goldsboro NC area those people looking for rental houses in the Goldsboro area find our site very quickly. Even though some other Goldsboro area property management company website may occasionally rank above ours for a particular search string on a particular search engine, as of June 2012, none can compare to ours for consistently ranking highly across all of the major search engines (Google, Bing & Yahoo) for many different relevant search strings.

We track the traffic to our website using Google Analytics. In August 2016, our website had 15,556 page views from 3,193 visitors. That's quite a lot of traffic for a rental property website in the little town of Goldsboro North Carolina.

2. - People Stay on our Website and Come Back to It

Also in August 2016, those 3,193 visits came from 1,706 unique visitors who viewed an average of 4.87 pages during each visit. That's pretty good for any site. Also, because we had almost twice as many total visits as unique visitors we know that most visitors returned to our site at least once after their initial visit.

The fact that people stay on our site when they find it and then come back to it means that they like it and that they're finding it useful.

3. - Our Website Includes Lots of Valuable Information About the Properties We Have for Rent

When people are looking for a new place to live online, they want to see as much information about the property as possible. Most rental property websites include only very basic information about the property such as the address, the monthly rent amount and maybe one picture of the front of the house. This is almost completely useless and very frustrating for someone who is looking for a place to live.

The main thing people who look for rental houses online want to see is pictures of the house - and not just one crummy picture of the front of the house. They want to see good quality, clear, well lit pictures of both the inside and the outside of the house and they want to see enough pictures for them to be able to get a good understanding of how the house is actually laid out. We all know that a picture is worth a thousand words so good pictures can tell someone far more about a house than anyone could ever possibly explain in even the most detailed written description. Take a look at the pictures we have posted for the houses we have available for rent. We take as many pictures as are necessary to showcase each home and they're pretty darn good pictures. People tell us all the time that they love our website because of the number and quality of the pictures we include. If we don't have pictures posted for a particular house we have, it's only because the house isn't ready for us to take pictures yet. Usually because someone is in the process of moving out and it needs to be cleaned up before we take pictures.

People also want to know specifically where a house is (remember that real estate is all about "Location", "Location", "Location") and they want to know relevant information about the house such as how many bedrooms & bathrooms it has, does it have a garage, does it have a bonus room, does it have a fenced yard, what school district is it in, what appliances are included, etc. We include a link to the location of the house on Google Maps (unless Google Maps can't find it) as well as all of the other relevant information about the house.

The fact that we include all of these pictures and other information is certainly why people stay on our site and come back to it once they find it.

5. - Potential tenants can apply online.

We now have the ability to allow anyone who wants to rent one of our properties to complete their application online. This makes it much easier for people to apply to rent one of the rental properties we manage especially if they're not actually in Goldsboro yet. We find that the easier we make it for someone to rent one of our properties, the more likely it is that they will rent one of the rental properties we manage.

6. - Tenants can now pay their rent to us online.

We now offer people who rent from us the ability to pay their rent online. This is a big benefit especially to many younger people who pay all of their bills online and many of whom don't even have checks for their bank account. It's also much more convenient for anyone. Tenants don't have to take the time to write out a check and then to either mail it (which involves addressing an envelope, putting a stamp on it and putting it in a mail box) or take the time to drive to our office to drop it off. We've had numerous people who were looking for a house to rent tell us that they really want to find one of our houses to rent because we offer that convenience and many other property management companies don't.

Since offering this service we are also finding that people who pay their rent online tend to pay their rent earlier each month probably since it's so much more convenient. The system we use allows them to set it up so that it automatically pays their rent on a certain day every month or they can make each payment manually. Even if they set it up where they pay manually, the system reminds them via email when their rent is due each month. When our tenant's rent gets into our bank account earlier each month that allows us to pay our owners earlier each month.

7. - We can pay our owners by direct deposit.

By paying our owners by direct deposit they get their money sooner and more reliably that they would if we mailed them a check every month. This is especially true for owners who live out of state or out of the country. They also don't have to worry about making a trip to the bank to deposit a check once they receive it every month. While we do still have the ability to mail owners a check if they want us to do it that way but we are now paying about about 97% of our owners by direct deposit.