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Goldsboro NC

Golden Key Rentals is a rental property management company in Goldsboro North Carolina. We specialize in managing rental houses for property owners so they don't have to worry about the day to day details of managing rental property.

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How We Can Help You Manage Your Rental Property

If you own a home you're considering renting out in the Goldsboro NC area, we can help in many ways including:

Advertising Your Rental Property in Goldsboro NC

We advertise the properties we have available for rent in several different places. We list available rental houses on this website as well as on another site that gets consistently good traffic especially from Air Force members looking for rentals in the Goldsboro NC area. We keep a list of available rental properties in our Goldsboro office and hand them out to potential rental tenants. In spite of the growing popularity of the internet, many of our rental properties still get rented to people who just walked into our office looking for a place to live in Goldsboro.

Determining the Rental Amount

Most people who consider renting out their property don't really know how much it should rent for. If you ask for too little rent, you'll lose money every month and if you ask too much you'll lose even more money every month your house sits vacant. Because we constantly keep up with what different rental properties actually rent for in the Goldsboro NC area we can help you determine a rental amount that maximizes monthly rental income while minimizing vacancies thus yielding the maximum return from your rental property.

Screening Potential Rental Tenants

One of the keys to successfully owning rental property is finding reliable tenants. In addition to checking an applicant's credit score, our online property management software also does a nation wide search for any criminal or eviction history. We also require applicants to provide proof of income and we check their debt to income ratio to make sure that they can afford the rent in addition to their other monthly obligations. Whenever possible we also get a rental reference from the applicant's previous landlord.

Properly Completing Rental Lease Agreements

A thorough and properly completed rental lease agreement protects both the landlord and the tenant. We ensure the lease agreements are properly completed to prevent future problems.

Collecting the Rent Each Month

We collect the monthly rent for the rental properties that we manage. If the rent is not paid on time, we immediately begin contacting the tenant to attempt to collect the rent. If the rent is still not paid, we will begin, and if necessary, complete the eviction process. Once the rent is collected, we deduct our fee and forward the balance to the property owner.

Assisting With Necessary Repairs to Your Property

Completing any necessary repairs on your rental property can be costly, difficult and time consuming. Because of our extensive experience in property management, real estate and construction, we are well qualified to assist with repairs. We know businesses and individuals in the Goldsboro area who do all different types of work on houses and who are reliable, trustworthy and charge reasonable prices. When repairs are needed on a rental property, we get the property owner's permission to complete the repair and then pay for it out of the rent proceeds and deduct it from the owner's next rental proceeds check.

Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions about our property management services.